We Were in the paper

The creative aging class that was funded by a grant concluded with a nice little art show at our local library. All the students had their pencil drawings on display and the turnout was very good. The ladies at the library (Dianne, Jes, and Carol) did a really nice job of organizing the entire project. […]

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Skeletons and Teaching

The only progress lately on the skeleton mannequins is that I had 15 boxes of each gender created, and I found a temporary solution for the inside padding. When I have a little extra money I will have more skeleton parts made, assemble them, and then attempt to sell a few. I have been teaching […]

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Moving Forward

I’ve put a little more time, money, and effort into my artist mannequin project. The dining room table where he was created has been an absolute disaster – stained with epoxy resins, gouges from tools, paint spatters. If I’m going to be assembling skeletons then I should have a nice work surface. So I sanded […]

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I’m an Art Teacher

My town’s local Art center has given me the opportunity to teach art classes. I just finished up a 4-class course on drawing and am now gearing up to teach a pencil shading course. I was also asked to apply for a grant in cooperation with our local library and arts council to teach a […]



I’ve been giving some thought to shipping the artist mannequin if I ever do get to where I can sell it. The last thing I want is for it to get damaged in transit. At first I thought I could just design some foam inserts and have them 3D printed. I should have researched that […]


Art Mannequin

I have been putting my articulated skeleton through some rigorous testing lately to see how useful it can be for practicing anatomy studies. I haven’t been very satisfied with it in the past because all my drawings seemed to come out looking weird. And then I realized it probably had something to do with how […]

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Back in the Realm

I think its been over 4 years since I abandoned this website and gave up on my goal to create oil paintings for an eventual show. I’ve had to learn to let go of feelings attached to unfortunate circumstances that led to my departure from painting. The motivation has been returning, and within the past […]

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Noticeable Hiatus

I had to tend to other matters over the past few months, mainly my other business, which obviously put my art endeavors on hold. Today I had a day off and was able to devote some time to my stalled art mannequin project. Yes Hector has been frustrating me. Did I mention I named him […]


Models Visit

Valarie and Mary stopped by for a visit and I had to ask them to pose in front of the painting they modeled for. Not much has been happening in Elysian Realm lately.  The seasons have been playing tug-o-war here in northern Nevada, but the warm weather may now have won the match. I have […]


A brand new spine

Yays and boos (which seem to be the new norm with the skeleton’s progress). It’s been a while since the last post so here’s what has happened: I abandoned the gooseneck tubing and instead found some solid copper wire that slides easily into plastic tubing at the hardware store.  I redesigned the skeleton’s pelvis, ribcage, […]