Waiting for my first parts to arrive in the mail feels like when I was a kid waiting for Christmas the week before. It feels like it’s taking forever! I have been trying to keep myself busy in the meantime by figuring out a method for getting the muscles built. First I uploaded four individual upper arm muscles to the 3D printing site to get a quote, and they were averaging around $85 each. That is just too expensive, especially when in the end I could have 50 or more muscle group parts.

I next decided to build a two-part mold of the muscle parts in my 3D software. I put the four muscles into one mold and then uploaded the two halves to the 3D printing site to get a quote. It was $200. Hmmm… that comes out to roughly $50 per muscle group. And if the mold works then I can make my own muscle parts whenever I want for next to nothing. This seemed like a better way to go. I went ahead and ordered the mold parts to be made. When they arrive I will use my leftover silicone to pour into the mold and then see if I can attach the muscles to my new skeleton.

By Cody Deegan

Cody Deegan is a life-long artist versed in drawing, painting, sculpting, and design. He studied filmmaking and character animation at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles as well as figurative oil painting at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.

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