I ordered a new shelving unit with bins and it arrived today. Putting it together was mildly annoying – getting halfway through and realizing I’d put some of the shelves on backwards and then having to take the entire thing apart to fix it. But when it was assembled I was very happy to get all my supplies up off the floor and into bins.

I wasn’t able to start painting today until about 4:30pm, and I was kind of forcing myself to make some progress. I felt like I was rushing just a bit, but at the same time I felt maybe that was a good thing because maybe I was putting in too much detail at this stage. By 8pm I was done for the night, having gotten the cape, the boots, and the shirt blocked in, plus some color in the mirror. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be a little more into it and try to get the hat, trinkets on the dresser, and the corset buttons done. I’m saving the skin for last.

I did shoot some video today but I think after a few progress videos they kind of lose their appeal, so I’m not posting today’s video. Maybe at the end I’ll create a condensed version of the entire process and just show moments which lead up to the final piece.

By Cody Deegan

Cody Deegan is a life-long artist versed in drawing, painting, sculpting, and design. He studied filmmaking and character animation at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles as well as figurative oil painting at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.

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