I found an old 14×17 Canson drawing pad in a cupboard one day. I decided to skip out on my sketchbook for the evening and attempt a larger-scale drawing.

Up until then I had been drawing hunched over with my sketchbook flat. With this larger drawing pad, I needed to set it upright. I immediately noticed some improvements to my technique. My posture was better because now I was sitting upright. I could use my knitting needle to gauge relationships because I could now extend my arm out in front of me. I could see the reference photo and my paper on the same plane of reference.

I had just received a big order of blending stumps and was anxious to try them (I had never used them before). 9 hours later, I had a finished drawing…and I really liked it.

The only real problem I found with myself was that near the end – probably around 1am – I was working on the girl’s decorative shirt and I was rushing through it. In my mind I knew I could make it look better, but I just wanted to get it done so I could go to bed. I made a mental note to attempt to do better on the next one.

By Cody Deegan

Cody Deegan is a life-long artist versed in drawing, painting, sculpting, and design. He studied filmmaking and character animation at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles as well as figurative oil painting at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.

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