This skeleton guy has kept me so busy the past couple months. The last few days have been comprised of me designing parts for a stand to hold him up and also redesigning parts on him that needed improving. The stand needed a way to attach to him so I had to redesign the ribcage. One of his arms broke because I designed the wall too thin where the nut tightens. I also designed a brand new articulated spine (I may have mentioned that already, I can’t remember). I have also been keeping a running list of materials and costs. And I have rigged up my model in the computer so that I can pose and animate him if need be for advertising purposes.

I just placed my last order for the remaining 3D printed parts and hardware. Theoretically when everything arrives I should be able to assemble him completely and mount him to his new stand (although I haven’t decided on a base, for now I will probably just use a piece of wood). It’s time for a breather. I don’t feel like working on muscles yet. My bank account and me need a break. I will update again in a week when I have him assembled and ready for display.

By Cody Deegan

Cody Deegan is a life-long artist versed in drawing, painting, sculpting, and design. He studied filmmaking and character animation at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles as well as figurative oil painting at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle.

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